Thursday, August 27, 2009

September Reviews

These are the proposed reviews for the month of September.

A Box Full of Nothing by Arthur Sanchez
(Short Story/E-Zine)
September 5th
(Review & Interview)

13 Bullets by David Wellington
September 15th
(Review & Interview)


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Reviews will follow the SOAP formula:

SUBJECTIVE: Pros and Cons that constitute our opinions.

OBJECTIVE: Writing principals, polish. grammar and (yes) spelling.

ASSESSMENT: A brief synopsis of the book or story.

PUBLISHING: How and how well the work was formatted and presented to the reader.

Reviews, or portions thereof, may be used by the respective authors and publishers.


Each month we will perform a review of one print book and one E-zine story.

Who is we? A published author, retired editor and an avid reader.

The e-zine story can and will be of any length and must be currently available for viewing on line.

The book shall be one we purchased. We do not accept free copies. In that fashion we buy the copy, the writer or publisher does not buy a sugary sweet review.

We do accept requests and recommendations. These should be sent to:

Please note! We are not an E-zine. We do not publish works, nor republish the works reviewed here. Brief quotes may be used if said permission is so stated in work(s) reviewed.